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A Photo Montage:
is a video/DVD or computer movie file consisting of an organized sequence of photos and video images set to music.  When planned and produced well, a Photo Montage can set the "mood" for an important event and allow your family and friends to experience the images you select in a unique and entertaining way.
Memories in movies:
Short presentations of your experiences, weddings, birthdays, reunions, children growing up. Accompanied by whatever music you would like to use to capture the moment. All on a CD or a DVD. order a production before your event and run your movie at the party.
Here's how to prepare For Your Montage:
1. Select your pictures - Digital pictures on a disk works best. If you have photos that need to be scanned any size and shapes may be used, however, wallet size to 8x10's work best.  All photographs must be removed from any packaging.
2. Number the pictures - A list of file names in the order that they are to appear in your presentation. Or line up your pictures across the table to see the story develope.  Number those pictures in sequence on the back corner with a Pencil Do not press hard as this will leave an imprint on the picture which the camera will pick up.  DO NOT use a marker of any kind.
3. Length of the presentation - Each picture remains on the screen for approximately 6 seconds (this can be adjusted) , therefore, you may consider an average of 10 pictures per minute. A good Montage can last between five and twenty minutes long.
4. Titles - Separate your pictures into groups to convey a clear message of Family trips, Weddings, Getting to know each other. Place your titles between each segment to define the next segment. Different songs can be used for the various portions as well which will also convey a special message.
5. Music - Different songs can be used for the various portions of your montage. This will  set the mood to go along with your pictures. We have an extensive music library to select from or you may provide your own.  All formats are accepted. For every 10 pictures you will need 1 minute of music. 30 pictures is approximately one 3 minutes song. However we can edit your songs to set the mood or time.
6. Shipping and Return - Call to set-up an appointment to bring in your material or send to address below. Your original pictures are important to you and us as well. Please follow shipping instructions to safe guard your property.

Please follow Shipping instructions:
                Please send your photos and music, (if needed) in a corrugated container. Send your package using a shipping service that provides tracking services ( FedEx or UPS, USPS), so that it can be tracked. We cannot be responsible for any lost or misdirected packages
Montage Pricing:
   Photo Montage Packages Start at:
Up to 50 photos---$99.00    $75.00
Up to 100 photos---$189.00  $150.00
Up to 200 photos---$289.00   $250.00
Up to 300 photos---$399.00   $350.00
      All packages include: 
Opening and closing text pages, music soundtrack and 5 copies of your movie on DVD VCD or Computer file.
All montages over 300 photos are $1.50 ea pic/Additional text pages are $2.50 ea
Notice: Any photos that need to be scanned (not already digital) will incurr a .35 charge for each photo. Each Production can be copied on DVD or VCD or Computer file
If you choose the "Living Picture Frame", the price of the frame is not includded. Frame prices range from $49.99 to $200 or $300. There are all different sizes and types.
Please see our online store for examples of digital picture frames.    
Please call for more specific information.

Local Washington DC Metro area only
Live!!! Photo Montage Service
(Only available in the Wash DC, Maryland and Virginia Metro Areas)

On the day of your event, your guests will be amazed as we project your photos onto a big video screen. We come in before your event or party and set up professional video and audio systems to show your Memories Montage video to your guests or business associates.
We also have smaller video set ups to fit your needs. From a 13in. color monitor to large projection screens. Audio systems for a living room environment or an event for one thousand people. This service is separate from the production of your video.
[Live Prices include local delivery, setup, teardown and technician]

Live!!! Photo Montage Service Prices start at $150.00
Audio sound reinforcement prices start at $50.00  
Call Twist and Shout Studio to put it all together! 301-699-0660
Turnaround time is two weeks from date photos are received. Rush service is available, call for pricing.

Check out our short pet demo on our downloads page.
Photo Montage Production
The "Living Picture Frame"

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